Using of cassava glycosides and fatty alcohols from coconut oil give us a chance to get the natural glycolipid emulsifier without chemicals or organic solvents. In addition to its chemical purity and the absence of toxic reagents traces the emulsifier has a number of unique cosmetics qualities and perfect compatibility with human skin. Cosmetic products based on it are surprisingly delicate, layered texture, it is ideal for creating emulsions with "liquid crystals", in which the micro-particles of oil are enclosed in microscopic droplets of water, and so is repeated many times, layer by layer. Liquid crystals in cosmetics are the best conductors of moisture and active substances in deeper layers of the epidermis; their performance is three times the efficacy of classical emulsions. Furthermore, the vegetable emulsifier is the best solution for sunscreens because it has high stability at high temperatures. Applications of vegetable emulsifier based on Cetearyl glucosides and Cetearyl alcohol are very broad: care cosmetics for skin and hair (sprays, lotions, creams, oils, and waxes), cosmetics for personal hygiene, deodorants, and care cosmetics for the problematic and sensitive skin.