Vegetable Allantoin
How to moisturize the skin and to cope with micro cracks? The extract of comfrey (plant allantoin) moisturizes the skin and promotes healing of damages, reduces inflammation and irritation, and promotes cell regeneration. The skin becomes soft, like a baby's skin, as it receives all the necessary substances, recovers and rejuvenates. Vegetable allantoin is difficult and expensive to obtain, but it is a few times more effective than the synthetic. Allantoin extracted from comfrey root is not toxic, it does not cause allergic reactions and is effective even in low concentrations. It is proved that allantoin has a keratolytic effect, promoting cellular regeneration of the skin, rapid healing of abrasions and cracks, removing irritation. It softens the corneal layer and stimulates the removal of dead skin cells. Due to this allantoin effectively prevents clogging of the pores, the formation of comedones (blackheads) and inflammatory elements. The newly discovered antioxidant effect of allantoin means that it is an effective component of anti-aging skin care. Cosmetics with a high content of allantoin is particularly recommended for skin care in conditions of high aggressiveness of the environment (wind, sun, frost, significant changes in temperature and humidity, high altitude), they soothe the skin after sunburns, mechanical or chemical irritation. When added to skin cleansers and washing foams allantoin inhibits the growth of bacteria and eliminates the feeling of tightness of the skin. Allantoin is a mandatory component in creams for stretch marks treating due to its strong regenerating properties. Allantoin is ideal for hair care since it inhibits the growth of bacteria, regulates the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands, and removes excess hair oiliness.