Amino Peptides
Do you want to know the secret of delightful youthful skin? Surely you've noticed the differences between young and mature skin: young skin is more thick, more smooth, fresh and attractive. Mature skin is thinner, more easily influenced by stress; there are wrinkles, that becoming deeper and more noticeable every year. Why do you need to know this? To understand what will help your skin preserve its youthful freshness, smoothness, and beautiful color. Collagen is one of the most common proteins of a human or animal body, which is the basis of connective tissue fibers, skin, bones, tendons and cartilage etc. Collagen strands possess extraordinary strength. Under the top layer of the skin, they create a natural matrix, which supports the elasticity, turgor and moisture retention within the skin. Under the influence of sunlight and aging the synthesis of collagen is slowing down, the skin ceases its elasticity and becomes very easily damaged. Amino peptides that we used in our cosmetics called signaling. When they get into areas with signs of aging, the body receives a "signal" of the need to produce collagen. Peptides are natural compounds that are composed of all essential amino acids residues. The body amino peptides are improving the skin's appearance: color, turgor, elasticity and regeneration of tissue. They successfully fight the signs of aging and dehydration. Natural, effective and safe White Mandarin cosmetics with high-quality, environmentally friendly amino peptides, is your secret to stunning rejuvenation!
250 ml
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