Red Beet Root Betaine
What is betaine? This is great moisturizer due to its ability to retain water in the skin cells and reduce the transdermal loss of moisture. Betaine is a natural component of plant origin. It was first obtained from a sugar beet juice, but it is found in many plants. Why your skin needs betaine? Betaine, being a part or a catalyst of a number important chemical reactions occurring in the body, has a serious impact on the metabolism. Obviously, normal metabolism is the key to the health of the whole body and skin in particular. Due to betaine, the skin is quickly released from the decay products, excess sebum, and so on. Betaine is present in creams and masks, in anti-aging and hand care cosmetics. The soothing effect of betaine has been used in baby care cosmetics and products for men's skin. Betaine enhances the action of conditioners and well softens the hair itself. After application on the skin, betaine gives it smoothness and softness. Betaine, as a component of shampoos, conditioners, balsams and medicinal tonics for hair; it moisturizes the scalp, makes hair stronger, improve their appearance, protects against drying and provides a healthy shine. At the same time, betaine does not spoil the hair, does not irritate the eyes and skin and has beneficial effects on the structure of the hair shaft. What benefits will this component for you and your babies? It will be a powerful natural moisturizing and reliable protection, as well as stimulation of the skin respiration at the cellular level, which is especially important in the conditions of modern life.
200 ml
230.0 грн