Ylang-Ylang Flower Water
We think that ylang-ylang (another name for this flowering plant — Kananga fragrant) can generously share its beauty with everyone who will honor it with their attention and use for skin care. Scented or aromatic water produced by distillation (steam distillation) of raw materials. During this part, water-soluble components of the plant are absorbed and retained by water. Fragrant water is a clear liquid containing very small amount dissolved or emulsified components of essential oils. In addition, it also contains other water-soluble components of the plant, which is not present in essential oils. Thus, aromatic waters can be considered as partial plant extracts. Ylang-ylang fragrant water is an unsurpassed for problem skin care. It not only gives cosmetics a charming "Eastern" flavor but also provides a whole range of therapeutic effects needed for problematic skin. The results of the use of White Mandarin natural cosmetics with ylang-ylang scented water is: normalization of sebum secretion, velvety smoothness of the skin, improved complexion, eliminated pimples and blackheads. And all this is possible due to the fact that ylang-ylang fragrant water improves metabolism and has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.
250 ml
154.0 грн