Lime Fruit Water
Lime is a well-known remedy for weight loss and elimination of toxins from the body, but it is also great for skin care. You may know some recipes for homemade cosmetics with fresh lemon for skin whitening. If you have tried to use these recipes, you might have noticed that a low concentration of lemon almost doesn`t give any whitening effect, but at high concentrations, you risk burn your face from citric acid. Good news! Now you can use White Mandarin natural cosmetics with lime fragrant water in which, firstly, there is a perfectly matched proportion of active substances, secondly, lime is much more effective than lemon for cosmetic purposes, and thirdly, we guarantee the absolute absence of negative feelings and consequences. Taking care of the skin with White Mandarin cosmetics with natural lime water will help you get: excellent skin toning, the skin will become fresh and improve its color; elimination of blackheads and comedones; reducing the depth of wrinkles; whitening of the skin and removing of pigmentation; skin rejuvenation.
200 ml
157.0 грн