Rosemary Flower Water
Rosemary is one of the oldest medicinal plants from the genus of evergreen shrubs. Since long time it has been used as food and for medicinal purposes, as well as to perform magic rituals. Many civilizations revered rosemary as a sacred plant. In ancient Greece, shoots of rosemary had been burned in temples; in the Middle Ages the people tried to escape from all kinds of infectious diseases, plague and drove away evil spirits with the help of rosemary smoke. Using Rosemary hydrolat (flower water) as a tonic or lotion, you can quickly restore skin elasticity and soften roughened areas on the elbows, knees, and soles. Rosemary is used to relieving the swellings, eliminating age spots and helps to make acne scars less noticeable. Thanks to its tonic properties, rosemary tincture is effectively used in the composition of complex anti-cellulite cosmetics. Itching, discomfort, irritation or burning — rosemary will help to keep these problems in the past and forget about them forever. Rosemary has antibacterial properties and antifungal effect. Skin lifting is one of the most remarkable properties of rosemary. Rosemary water is a product of the water-steam distillation of rosemary sprouts, grown under organic farming. Rosemary water is a traditional remedy for hair and scalp care, it eliminates dandruff, stimulates hair growth, stops hair loss and perfectly tones skin. Due to the strong bactericidal effect, fragrant water promotes faster healing of minor cuts of the skin, is used as a deodorant or aftershave. It is used to treat acne. In White Mandarin natural cosmetics all the healing properties of wild rosemary are multiplied due to the effective combination with other wild herbs and natural ingredients.