Rosewood Wood Water
Do you know what the terpene alcohols, inorganic acids, and enzymes are? Even if you are not familiar with these terms, your skin will always gratefully accept cosmetics based on herbal products containing these substances. Rosewood wood water will provide your skin with all these vital substances, further enriching it with vitamins rejuvenating and preventing the aging process. Would you like such perspective? In addition to the above, fragrant rosewood water will moisturize your skin, eliminating it from peeling. Besides of that, you will get the effect of visiting a cosmetologist: face oval will gradually lift up, facial wrinkles will smooth, and the face will acquire a healthy look and beautiful color. A strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of fragrant rosewood water will also contribute to improving skin health. White Mandarin natural cosmetics based on this component will save you from rosacea and normalize oily skin.