Orange Essential Oil
Orange essential oil is a yellow-orange oily liquid with a pleasant citrus scent. It is extracted from fresh orange fruits by hydrodistillation method. Due to its anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating, regenerating, antiseptic and relaxing properties orange oil has the broadest range of applications, including cosmetology, aromatherapy, and traditional medicine. Orange essential oil is quite versatile and suitable for all skin types. It wonderfully cleanses, tones, and improves the appearance of all skin types. Orange essential oil is especially recommended in the care of dry, mature, sagging, aging skin. Orange essential oil is excellent for body care. Surprisingly, it is the orange oil that helps to combat the "orange peel" on the body. It activates the blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers, thus contributing to the normalization of metabolism and deep cleansing of cells from toxins. As for hair care, this component is very useful there as well. In shampoos, conditioners and balsams, the addition of orange essential oil allows their use for the prevention of dandruff, to restore shine and elasticity of hair, as well as to eliminate their brittleness and dryness. Orange oil has good cleansing and toning effect on the scalp. In White Mandarin natural cosmetics we use only the highest quality ingredients; cosmetics with orange essential oil will help you in the skin care routine, and at the same time you will be able to enjoy their pleasant citrus scent.