Lavender Essential Oil
Feel like a queen, using the White Mandarin natural organic cosmetics, containing 100% natural lavender essential oil. Medicinal properties and unique aroma of lavender made persons of the royal family its loyal fans: the British queen Victoria and Elizabeth I and King Charles IV. Apparently, kings and queens have the same goals as we do: effectively clean and disinfect the skin, relieve irritation and peeling, prevent sticking and limp hair look, deal with dandruff and rejuvenate skin, tighten loose skin. Is your skin is too sensitive? Does it get redness, itching, and irritation? White Mandarin cosmetics, containing natural lavender essential oils, calm hypersensitive skin and remove redness and itching sensations. Enjoy a subtle delicious aroma and guaranteed result of the use, effectively clearing your skin and hair and getting rid of the annoying problems. In addition, you get peace of mind and freshness, good sleep and neutralizing the biological effects of stress - such wonderful properties have the lavender aroma.