Rosemary Leaf Oil
Like all essential oils, rosemary oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is often added to the cosmetics for problem skin, prone to irritation and rashes. Rosemary helps to fight acne and accelerates healing of skin damages after the blackheads removal. Another important property of rosemary oil is its ability to regulate the function of sebaceous glands. This makes it a valuable ingredient in cosmetics for oily and combination skin. Rosemary oil prevents excessive sebum secretion, and not just eliminates acne, but also prevent its re-occurrence. Rosemary oil cleanses and tones the skin, helps to narrow pores and smooths the skin texture. In addition, it stimulates the natural skin cells regeneration processes, thus has a rejuvenating effect and helps combat premature skin withering. Therefore, rosemary oil or rosemary extract can often be found in the list of ingredients in remedies for mature skin care. Yet it has a slight whitening effect. When it comes to hair care (shampoos, conditioners, etc.), rosemary helps to cope with such widespread problem, like dandruff, due to the ability to regulate the functioning of sebaceous glands. In addition, it has firming effect so shampoos and balsams with rosemary are well suited for the care of thin, weakened and damaged hair. Also, rosemary is widely used in cosmetics because of its aromatic properties. The pleasant aroma of rosemary oil is strong and durable; it gives the opportunity to White Mandarin cosmetics creators to avoid the use of synthetic fragrances and produce really natural and safe products.