Aloe Vera Extract
Aloe Vera extract is a popular, time-tested, effective active component. The inscription on the label "contains Aloe Vera extract" always makes the product more popular. But due to the high popularity of this inscription, it is very often used as an advertising stunt. While there can be either a trace amount of Aloe Vera in the product or not to be at all. Want to experience the effects of cosmetics, which actually contains a large amount of the certified extract of aloe vera? If you do want, then you will understand why Alexander the Great conquered the whole island for the sake of owning this wonderful plant, with which he was able to quickly heal his warriors from severe wounds received in battles, and from constant infections, accompanying his campaigns. The Aloe Vera plant had come from the Canary Islands, and its thick pulpy leaves perfectly adapted to the arid climate, accumulating a large amount of gel-like juice. Its jelly leaves pulp contains over 200 nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, flavonoids, polysaccharides, etc.) and is used to obtain an extract of Aloe Vera. Its use helps to quickly and deeply moisturize the skin. Just imagine, the components of Aloe Vera penetrate the skin 4 times faster and deeper than water. Aloe Vera extract stimulates the immune system and is able to heal sores; it very effectively eliminates the problems of the oily or combination skin types. Hyaluronic acid and allantoin help the skin to synthesize its own collagen and elastin — proteins responsible for youth and elasticity of the skin. But it is the very proteins, which stops being produced in sufficient quantities by the mature skin, so the skin starts to sag with age. Elimination of inflammation, the effects of stress and exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays — are properties of the aloe vera, so it is used in almost all moisturizers for skin care, as well as in anti-aging cosmetics. However, truly effective can only be products, containing the real aloe vera extract. Such products are White Mandarin natural cosmetics containing an aloe vera extract in high concentrations to provide amazing results of rejuvenation and skin improvement.