Arnica Flower Extract
If you want to find a remedy that will be able to cope with the task of restoring your skin after various stresses and the influence of time and bad environment, we have good news for you: under the brand name White Mandarin we created natural cosmetics for skin care with arnica extract, which can work recovery miracles. If your skin is irritated due to exposure to sun, cold and wind, and it felt the negative impact of chemicals, if you have problems which are hard to solve, associated with the capriciousness and irritability of the skin — White Mandarin cosmetics with arnica extract will help you effectively restore and normalize the skin. Arnica extract contains substances that cannot be self-produced by skin, but necessary for its health, as well as a complex hydrocarbon arnitsin, imparting skin resistance and increases its local immunity. Below you can look through the concrete results of the use of the wonderful cosmetics with arnica extract: Fresh and tightened skin; Elimination of redness, irritation, swelling; Guaranteed normalization of the sebaceous excretion of the skin; The stimulation of skin detoxification (getting rid of toxins); Rejuvenation of the skin appearance; Increase the local immunity of the skin and improve its resilience to stress.