Elderberry Extract
What do you know about elder? It blooms richly with buds of small light flowers with a strong intoxicating scent, and then it ripens with pictorially beautiful shiny black berries with a tart taste. You can also add that the elder was a traditional cosmetic product at Russian royal court; the queens used it for beauty and rejuvenation. Elderberries contain plant hormones, so earlier it was believed that the person who uses the elder, will be forever young. It easily solves many skin problems. We can say that in the elderberry present all the substances necessary for the recovery, normalization, and restoration of beauty for the skin of any type. People suffering from the unaesthetic shiny look of the skin will appreciate elderberry property to normalize skin sebum extraction. Owners of dry sensitive skin will notice that after the application of cosmetics with an extract of elderberry skin will be moisturized and normalizes — dryness will pass, firmness and elasticity will be enhanced, the complexion will improve. If you are tired of freckles or do not like pigmentation spots, elderberry extract can help whiten the skin and remove the unpleasant things. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a certified elderberry extract is an excellent remedy for effective skin rejuvenation and recovery.