Beggar-Ticks Extract
Almost all of us have been familiar with Beggar-ticks from early childhood when parents bathed us in its broth to calm diathesis and eliminate redness or diaper rash on the skin. This property of beggar-ticks to calm allergic reactions and treat skin inflammation is used for infants care since the days of ancient Rome. In ancient China sores and eczema treated with Beggar-ticks. In contemporary classical cosmetology, Beggar-ticks extract is widely used in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or rosacea. This component helps heal micro-cracks, which relieves irritation and flaking of the skin, regardless of the reason for its occurrence. It gives good results in caring for hypersensitive skin prone to a violent reaction to various stimuli. Beggar-ticks extract is suitable for skin suffering from problems such as acne, and also for the scalp and hair in the presence of seborrhea. Our experts use a Beggar-ticks extract obtained from non-polluted plants to enhance the therapeutic effect of White Mandarin "Shampoo & Shower Gel» in conjunction with other natural ingredients that are included in this cosmetic product.