Bilberry Extract
The more makeup you apply on your skin, just to hide its problems and shortcomings, rather than to look for and treat their cause, the more problems and shortcomings you will have in the future. If you realize that you need to restore the health of the skin with the help of advanced and proper care, but for some reason it still didn’t work, chances are your cosmetics for the skin care are either synthetic or ineffective. Our trademark White Mandarin invites you to try natural cosmetics, the most effective and completely safe. One of the active ingredients of White Mandarin natural cosmetics is bilberry extract. Bilberries are used to improve the capillary circulation, thus the skin gets rid of toxins faster. It is also nice to whiten skin; helps get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Powerful antioxidants contained in this berry slow down the aging process and protect the skin from adverse external influences. White Mandarin cosmetics will give you a clean and fresh beauty, the sea of compliments from others and a joyful mood!