Common Tormentil Root Extract
In the White Mandarin natural cosmetics, is used wild Tormentil harvested in the woods, away from roads and settlements. The name “tormentil” in Latin means strength and power. Wild Tormentil extract contains glycosides, saponins, phenol carbonic acids, flavonoids, amino acids, and is a concentrate of micro- and macro elements. All of these substances are indispensable for strengthening your skin and hair. Do you want to increase the turgor and elasticity of the skin, improve the local immunity of the skin, strengthen hair follicles and as a result, stop hair loss? Fulfill your desire with the help of extract of wild galangal in White Mandarin cosmetics in great combination with other natural ingredients. The scalp will enrich with all necessary vitamins and microelements. Dry or oily hair will be normalized, will become strong and full of energy.