Violets Extract
You will probably be surprised, seeing the violet in the composition of White Mandarin natural cosmetics. But there is a very rational explanation to that. A bouquet of violets, fascinating by its beauty and fragrance, is able to solve almost all problems of oily and combination skin. Flower beauty will give to those, who apply it to the skin, removing of any inflammations, the effects of stress and the impact of negative environmental factors. The skin acquires glow, softness, and elasticity; irritations will be effectively eliminated due to special anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of violets. What other results of using White Mandarin natural cosmetics with violets extract you can expect? Inhibition of the formation of age-related skin changes. Anti-allergic effect. Powerful moisturizing and skin softening. Strengthening the water circulation of the skin. Giving the skin a pleasant matte shade and a healthy color. An effective natural vitaminization of the skin. With White Mandarin natural cosmetics skin care your skin will begin to radiate authentic charm of youth and beauty.
200 ml
202.0 грн