Winterbloom Extract
White Mandarin natural cosmetics with winterbloom extract is a real godsend for those who want to get rid of the problems of oily skin, skin irritations or inflammations, and improve their skin so that it has acquired a well-groomed appearance. What is winterbloom? Other folk names for it are "Magic Nut" or "witch hazel". This is an amazing plant that has long had adopted by the cosmetologists in Japan and other countries. In order to get a valuable fruit from a flower, you must wait two years. But the waiting is worth the result! This amazing plant is able to effectively rejuvenate the skin, powerfully improving all physiological processes. You will enjoy the gradual disappearance of under the eyes bags, the sebaceous excretion normalization, revival of skin colors and the amazing, almost infantile, softness! You can make use of the highest quality, environmentally friendly and reliable winterbloom extract in White Mandarin cosmetics.
300 ml
243.0 грн