Hibiscus Extract
What remedies are used in the pursuit of attractive appearance and beauty? First place in popularity among such means takes cosmetics. But what it actually does to your skin, are you're wondering? Synthetic cosmetics provide a temporary improvement in the appearance of the skin, along with the long-term effect of aging and skin diseases. The skin gradually accumulates harmful foreign substances and some of them are able to disturb the physiological processes. What can we do to help skin to cope on its own with all the vital processes needed for its beauty and youth? The fact that the skin needs to be cleaned is not new. The news is — the natural cosmetic, which not only removes the dirt outside but penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis and removes out all the litter. White Mandarin natural cosmetic with a certified extract of the Sudanese rose (Hibiscus) effectively cleanses your skin, while strengthening its local immunity; Counteracts the aging process (contains powerful antioxidants). Effectively rejuvenate (due to the presence of pectin, antioxidants, fruit acids, etc.); Restores its damaged areas; Normalizes metabolic processes, nourishes and strengthens blood vessels. White Mandarin Natural cosmetics with hibiscus extract — your new habit to be always delightful!