Grapefruit Extract
The grapefruit extract is obtained from grapefruit seed, so it is considered hypoallergenic, unlike other cosmetic components derived from citrus plants. The benefits of grapefruit extract are its pronouncedly restorative and anti-bacterial effect, as well as the ability to remove toxins from the deep layers of the skin. Expert developers of Ukrainian White Mandarin cosmetics fully use the remarkable properties of grapefruit extract, creating on its basis natural cosmetics for problematic oily skin and hair. The grapefruit seed extract regulates sebum secretion and normalizes the sebaceous glands, due to which it is very effective in fighting acne. Due to high vitamin C content products for skin care with grapefruit extract have whitening and toning effect. Vitamin P, which is also contained in this cosmetic ingredient, actively participates in the reconstruction process and accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin. White Mandarin natural cosmetics for hair care based on the grapefruit extract help in the treatment of hair and scalp with excess oiliness, eliminate dandruff and itching, significantly reduce the fragility of hair, give hair a healthy shine and brightness.