Horsetail Extract
Below you can read why your skin is sure to fall in love with White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a horsetail extract. Horsetail extract makes the skin silky smooth, you will feel it lightly running your fingertips over its surface. It normalizes sebum secretion and eliminates inflammations and problems such as rosacea, acne, and pimples. How will you notice changes? Pimples, acne, and inflammatory will remain only in your memories; you will not see them in your reflection in the mirror. It will strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which means that your skin will finally stop so capriciously respond to the slightest stimuli, and will retain its beautiful appearance and health. After using White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a horsetail extract you will get a matte complexion, velvety and soft skin surface. And the improvement in the production of collagen in the skin will help to stop the aging process, tighten the skin and make it elastic. Horsetail is not a new discovery. White Mandarin natural cosmetics experts, basing on the experience of many generations, included horsetail extract in the composition of the natural phytotonics, and we can guarantee you a positive effect of its use.
200 ml
183.0 грн