Calendula Extract
What do you know about the calendula, except that the look of this cheerful flower can dispel any gloom? It is well known that calendula is very useful for the skin: when it is used regularly, it eliminates freckles, dark spots, acne, inflammation of the skin, fine lines get aligned and skin of the face refreshes. Why, with such accessibility (calendula can be bought everywhere, or just to planted it on backyard), there are still so many intractable skin problems? What faces everyone trying to put in use healing properties of this flower? It is that a decoction of calendula loses much of its valuable properties and requires great efforts to keep it on the skin for prolonged exposure. Alcohol tincture of calendula contains more valuable substances, but it is alcohol base detrimental to the skin. In addition, the infusion can be prepared from calendula of unknown origin, containing heavy metals and toxins, which immediately eliminate its therapeutic effect. If you want to make your own cosmetics with calendula oil, it requires knowledge and carefulness to not to burn the skin and at the same time to get the desired result. White Mandarin brand offers a gorgeous bouquet of medicinal properties of calendula. Our calendula extract is produced in the most reliable method from calendula "Organic", environmentally clean and safe. Now calendula can stay longer on your skin, as it is adjacent to the oil and other components, reinforcing its effect. This means that White Mandarin cosmetics with calendula help to achieve your dream of beauty!
300 ml
253.0 грн