Clover Extract
Small, simple pink and white flowers that are easy to find in the forest or in the field, right under your feet, is a favorite livestock food. You may ask: how they may be used in cosmetics? It turns out that clover flowers are rich in phytoestrogens — plant substance that has similar to the female hormone estrogen effect on the body. It is no secret that after menopause the produce of female hormones is reduced and the need for them, on the contrary, increases. Why do we need them? They are responsible for skin elasticity, an absence of wrinkles, beautiful solid color skin, and for attractiveness. Scientists have shown that the state of skin on the face, chest and thighs depends primarily on the amount of estrogen in the body. In these places, the skin has special receptors that are sensitive to estrogen exposure. Clover is able to give every woman the true power of female hormones. The clover contains a huge amount of nutrients: 31 isoflavones, polysaccharides, essential fatty acids, tannins, minerals (copper, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium), vitamins, saponins, coumaric acid, and carbohydrates. All these and many other constituents of clover can provide truly magical effect on beauty, such as: Whitening age spots and preventing their appearance; Elimination of inflammations and skin irritations; Elimination of the effects of photodermatitis; The natural UV filter; Smoothing of wrinkles; Increasing of skin elasticity; The fight against psoriasis; Removal of spots on the skin and color leveling; The excellent anti-oxidant effect, youth prolongation and the fight against aging. Become younger with White Mandarin natural cosmetics and be happy — let every day be a holiday for you and brings more smiles!