Horse Chestnut Seed Extract
Even if you have never heard of escin — principal useful components of horse chestnut, it does not prevent your skin from effective rejuvenation with the application of cosmetics with extracts of horse chestnut. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with an extract of horse chestnut have a complex effect on the body: It will help your skin self-sufficient produce enough collagen, responsible for the absence of wrinkles, skin elasticity and tight face oval; Saturate the skin with useful substances that will smooth out wrinkles, soothe and eliminate the inflammation; Strengthen the blood vessels and capillaries, significantly improve blood circulation, stimulating the rapid renewal of skin cells and rejuvenation; Protect your skin from the harmful effects of solar ultraviolet (natural UV-filter). In addition, we note that White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a certified extract of wild chestnut give a fantastically effective for care mature skin, helping it to rejuvenate and look great!