White Willow Bark Extract
Since ancient times white willow bark extract is used as a wound-healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. As you know, oily and problem skin is a separate sphere in cosmetology, needs skilled approach. You just cannot degrease the oily skin with soap or alcohol, the effect will be counterproductive, and sebaceous excretion will only increase leading to acne, irritation and so on. White willow bark extract is a remedy that is necessary in such cases. With its use sebaceous excretion normalizes, inflammation eliminates, resulting in fading of acne, abscesses, irritations and even warts. At the same time, normal pH level of your skin is preserved, and fine wrinkles are smoothed. The reason for such a wonderful effect of white willow bark is the presence of tannins, salicylic acid, and flavonoids. The results of regular use of White Mandarin natural cosmetics with an extract of white willow bark are skin rejuvenation, suspension of its aging and the beautiful, well-groomed appearance.