Leuzea Root Extract
For the Siberian girls, this flower can be an ornament for the hair in the form of a gentle lilac wreath or a bouquet. For maral deer — a favorite treat. That is why Leuzea got its second name "Maral root." East legends credited leuzea many wonderful healing properties, which have been confirmed by modern scientific medical research. Carthamoides Leuzea has a stimulating, invigorating, anabolic, wound healing, antidepressant, neuroprotective, anti-bacterial properties; its root extract is a component of various medical preparations. The White Mandarin natural cosmetics with leuzea root extract is used to help your beauty, especially for mature and sensitive skin. What Leuzea is capable of? It can effectively soothe your skin, reduce inflammation and improve skin tone. And most importantly — Leuzea wonderfully smoothes wrinkles, helping the skin to rejuvenate and be in excellent condition. White Mandarin natural remedies with a Rhaponticum roots extract are filled with Siberian beauty and strength, which will give the charge of youth and splendor of your skin!