Licorice Root Extract
The million dollar question! Can pigmented skin look beautiful? Can you imagine that the owner of pigmented skin is very pleased with it and that they were proud of its spots? It is nonsense, isn`t it? Usually, everyone dream to make their skin even toned, with a fresh and attractive color. Great news — licorice extract in conjunction with other natural ingredients in White Mandarin cosmetics brightens the skin and gradually completely clears it from pigmentation. This is due to the presence of glabridin in licorice root extract, containing five flavonoids most effective for normalizing and improving the color. If you are tormented by the question of how to get rid of skin inflammation, redness and irritation caused by medications or specific food, if you want to rejuvenate your skin and make it the least susceptible to infection, then you certainly going to be interested in the information set out below. The licorice root extract also contains glycyrrhizin — acid, which increases the amount of skin steroid hormones. Glycyrrhizin helps combat skin irritations; it effectively removes the inflammation, smooths wrinkles and makes skin elastic. Likohalkon, another ingredient of licorice root extract, helps regulate the oiliness of the skin, fight acne and comedones. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with licorice extract can help you get a delightfully fresh and renewed skin, clean, smooth and elastic!