Ginseng Root Extract
Have you ever asked yourself the question: why skin ages? One of the factors that cause skin aging is slowing down and the disorder of physiological processes, including metabolism — how many nutrients it receives and how effectively it manages to use them. With age, the body is accumulating toxins, which, along with the constant hunger and malnutrition of the skin prevent its normal vital activity. The only thing that may help is the restoration of appropriate cells nourishment. What is the secret healing effect of ginseng, due to which the cost of a single root can reach thousands of dollars? The secret of ginseng is its rich composition, in which you'll find a well-known and promoted components, such as niacin, folic acid, biotin, and the little known but very powerful materials — sesquiterpenoids, ginsenosides, panaksozidy and others. What happens when you use White Mandarin natural cosmetics with environmentally friendly extract of ginseng? From ginseng extract skin gets rich nutrition with vitally important substance; protein, carbohydrate, fat and water skin metabolism is normalized; the skin heals and rejuvenates in the natural way because its basic life processes return to normal.