Orange Peel Extract
It is a natural and useful component that will make your skin softer and prettier, lighten age spots or pigmentation of a different kind, and will also provide your skin with plenty of vitamin E, which is a very effective against aging and wrinkles. In addition to the above, we can add that the extract from the peel of an orange is internationally recognized and widely used component for hydration and overall skin improvement, improving its appearance and normalization of life processes: Extract gently whitens any spots (age, postpartum pigmentation, and other); Eliminates acne, irritation and soothes the effects of sunburn; Prevents the appearance of acne scars; Normalizes oily skin. Use only the best — a natural extract of the sweet orange peel in the composition of White Mandarin natural cosmetics, where its properties are multiplied, due to correctly chosen formula and the favorable combination with other natural ingredients.