Lavender Extract
Feel like a member of royal blood, using White Mandarin natural cosmetic, containing lavender extract! Healing properties and unique aroma of lavender made persons of the royal family — the British queen Victoria and Elizabeth I, and the French king Charles IV — its loyal fans. Apparently, kings and queens have the same needs as the common modern people: effectively clean and disinfect the skin, relieves irritation and peeling, prevents sticking and limp hair look, deals with dandruff and rejuvenates the skin. Make a royal choice by starting to use the White Mandarin cosmetics, containing natural extract of lavender. Enjoy a delicious delicate scent and a guaranteed result of the use, effectively cleansing the skin and hair and getting rid of the annoying problems, filling your skin and hair with health and beauty. In addition, you get peace of mind and freshness, good sleep and neutralization of the biological effects of stress — a lavender scent has such properties.