Hazel Leaf Extract
The extract of hazelnut leaves is a rich source of potassium, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, vitamin E, C, B, B2, rutin and gallic acid, which are vital components for the functioning of the skin. Just imagine that the hazelnut was appreciated in the days of ancient Greece and Rome for its excellent recreational and medicinal qualities: Elimination of painful conditions of the skin: irritation, swelling, peeling, redness, and etc.; Refreshing and invigorating skin toning; Great rejuvenation of the skin, smoothing, and slowing down the appearance of new wrinkles; A unique effect of tightening the pores and quality cleansing the skin. Elimination of visible vascular pattern; Nourishing and revitalizing care of the skin around the eyes. Use a high-quality and most effective White Mandarin cosmetics with a certified wild hazel leaves extract and your skin will get a powerful charge of health and the stunning beauty!