White Mulberry Leaf Extract
White mulberry, sweet and juicy, always seems so tempting, is it possible to walk past when you see it on a branch? However, please know that this berry is not only tasty but also useful, especially for your skin. White mulberry as bearberry suppresses production of melanin in the skin. It is melanin that colors our skin, hair, and eyes in different colors. But when there is an excess of skin melanin, it doesn`t do any good. Brown spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation (postpartum and others) does not beautify the skin. Remember, how your skin looked like until the pigmentation? Chances are you sure that it had looked more beautiful and younger. Do not put up with this fact, it is easy to fix and restore your skin young and beautiful look. What useful for your beauty effects has a white mulberry? In parentheses are the names of the substances from the leaves of mulberry, due to which you can be guaranteed of those result: Gentle and effective whitening of the skin (betulinic acid and malberrozid F); Powerful antioxidant effect, reliable extension of skin youthfulness (flavonoids leaves malberrozid F); A significant antibacterial effect (kuvanon C, malberrofuran G, albanol B); Anticancer effect (anthocyanins, cyanidin and triglyukozidy trirutinozidy); Effective narrowing of skin pores (astringent substances from mulberry leaves). All the properties of natural, ecologically pure mulberry presented in our cosmetics. White Mandarin natural cosmetics are the best assistant for your beauty and youth!