Bearberry Leaf Extract
This article may be very useful for all those who yearn to get rid of pigmentation. And for those who have not thought about this problem, this information may be useful in the future as well as pigmentation or even persistent hyperpigmentation can occur after pregnancy, skin inflammation, common acne, and laser hair removal. In the latter case, although beauty salons experts claim that it`s enough to avoid direct exposure to sunlight the first few weeks after the procedure, hyperpigmentation may suddenly occur after exposure to the sun in a year or a few years. This is especially true for owners of tanned skin. Hyperpigmentation in adulthood is a frequent occurrence, and the appearance of age spots makes it look even older. In addition to the pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, freckles problem exists and that love is not everything. This problem mainly concerns fair-skinned people who have freckles obviously contrasting with the normal color of their skin, so they are very outstanding. As you can see, to know about effective methods of how to get rid of freckles and pigmentation is useful to everyone. So, what is that remarkable of bearberry? It contains substance arbutin (special plant polyphenols) which inhibits tyrosinase activity — an enzyme responsible for pigmentation of the skin. Tyrosinase forms a melanin (the coloring pigment of the skin) from the amino acid tyrosine, which is deposited in the upper layers of the skin and leads to the appearance of hyperpigmentation. There are a variety of salon techniques developed for skin whitening, among which you will be offered a peeling with fruit acids, as well as a stronger chemical whitening agents. Why is it better to use bearberry? Because it whitens very carefully, and not only does not harm the skin but, on the contrary, greatly improves its structure. Bearberry contains antioxidants, slowing the aging process of the skin, helping it to be elastic, silky and smooth. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with bearberry leaves extract is the best solution to the problems of skin pigmentation, for your skin to always shine with a splendor of beautiful, even color!