Apple Leaf Extract
Apple leaf extract is incredibly good for your skin! Why? Because it can work wonders: Give new life to even the most tired skin; Implementing young skin with all the necessary materials for the most powerful anti-aging; Protect the skin cells DNA from mutations; Amazingly enhance the immunity of the skin; Prevent the aging process. It is very tempting, isn`t it? Just think about it, apple leaf extract is able to cope with the most difficult task — to protect the skin from the damaging effects of factors causing aging. What is the secret of apple leaves effect? Apple leaves contain, in addition to vitamin C and fruit acids, phloretin — a recently discovered substance found in the leaves of apple trees. It can maximally protect skin cells from aging, as it is the strongest, and at the same time the most digestible antioxidant. Besides, phloretin enhances the effect of other components. This means that the White Mandarin natural cosmetics with an extract of the apple trees leaves is a powerful rejuvenating cocktail for your skin!
300 ml
230.0 грн