Alfalfa Extract
What kind of miracles can be expected from a fodder? Nowadays this herb is also sold in some supermarkets in health food departments, but a lot of people ignore it, so cannot evaluate all its useful properties. So know that alfalfa has excellent cosmetic properties, due to the ability of this plant to extract minerals from the deep layers of the soil, so the alfalfa is very rich in minerals (magnesium, fluoride, iron, potassium) and vitamins (vitamins B, C vitamins, K, P , A, D and E). Moreover, alfalfa contains phytoestrogens saponins and vegetable proteins, which consist of essential amino acids such as arginine, theronine, lysine and tryptophan. Everyone will appreciate the excellent antibacterial, anti-aging and conditioning properties of alfalfa. Alfalfa contains antioxidants, which help skin to be elastic and retain its elasticity and beauty of youth, and proteins, which are used in the skin as a source of essential amino acids in the construction of new cells. Alfalfa minerals wonderfully normalize metabolism, so that the skin becomes healthy and delightfully beautiful. Experts call this plant "biological activator of collagen synthesis" and are increasingly using it in the manufacture of creams and facial masks. Alfalfa extract can function as a soft foaming agent in shampoos as well as the active component for conditioning, stimulation of growth and strengthen the hair. Alfalfa extract is used in cosmetics: To protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. To soften and nourish dehydrated and tired skin. To combat the inflammations of various origins. To remove the irritations, rashes and so on. For gentle cleansing (acts as a mild antiseptic). For a quick healing of skin micro-cracks, peeling, etc. To prevent scars formation after skin damages (helps to restore skin integrity). To improve skin color and get the whitening effect (as additive). To stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. To restore the hair cuticle. To eliminate scalp flaking. If you take care of their beauty but did not use natural cosmetics White Mandarin with alfalfa yet, gives them a try and you will be amazed by the results!