Mango Fruit Extract
The mango fruit is certainly a favorite of gourmets who appreciate its stunning aroma and rich taste of juicy pulp! No wonder this fruit is so attractive because the fruit of the mango tree actually contains the full range of vitamins and minerals necessary for human health and beauty. Thanks to the balanced composition (vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and other substances), an extract of mango perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, relieves itching and soothes irritation, restores skin softness and elasticity, normalizes metabolism, evens out the complexion and perfectly copes with pigmentation. Included in the mango extract stearin protects cell membranes from premature failure and, consequently, skin stays young and taut for longer. Mango extract contains a complex of organic acids and enzymes that gently stimulates active cell renewal, promotes careful exfoliation of surface cells of the skin, preserving its beauty and natural glow. That is why White Mandarin experts chose mango extract as an extremely powerful anti-aging ingredient of White Mandarin natural cosmetics, to give you: Reliable natural skin hydration. A beautiful radiant skin without pigment spots. Silky velvetiness, elasticity and tautness of the skin. A smooth skin without wrinkles (the regular use of the product will slow down the formation of wrinkles). Normalized skin metabolism. The natural skin protection and treatment. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with mango extract — your great beauty without unnecessary worries and effort!