Lady’s Mantle Extract
We present here just a short list of the cosmetic properties of the Lady's mantle, but if you are familiar with the information about all its healing properties, you probably think that this plant can only be a gift to our world. The Lady's mantle as if especially has been created to solve the most serious problems of the skin, including faster healing of wounds, removal of warts, pigmentation, and dark spots, disinfecting and increasing pathogenic bacteria resistance. Thanks to the unique combination of micro and macro elements, plant hormones and other useful substances, Lady's mantle extract: Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making the skin resistant to adverse environmental factors. Neutralizes free radicals, i.e. is a powerful antioxidant, the elixir of youth, anti-aging agent. Enhances skin immunity. Helps the skin clears of toxins and impurities. Eliminates the inflammation of the skin and accelerates the process of production of new cells. Nourishes the skin and helps it to be healthy and beautiful. Environmentally friendly Lady's mantle extract used in White Mandarin cosmetics, effective and very good for your skin, helps it to shine the beauty of the health!