Ivy Extract
Ivy is incredibly viable, it remains green all year round, only very severe frosts can destroy its cheerful green appearance, but it can still live up to 200 years. Perhaps it is its resistance determined the set of its medicinal properties. We will consider the use of ivy in cosmetic purposes. Ivy extract perfectly removes excess fluid from the tissues; it also improves the skin lymphatic drainage, effectively bringing out toxins and wastes. The cleaner is the skin internally, the longer will last its youth. Thus, ivy extract helps skin stay young and beautiful. Anti-microbial and soothing properties of ivy extract are widely used in cosmetics for oily skin, although it is perfect for all skin types, as it also perfectly normalizes oiliness of the skin, moisturizes, stimulates the formation of new cells, tightens, removes puffiness, and tones the skin. It is also used to treat sunburns and to combat cellulite. Ivy extract protects the skin from negative environmental factors. If you choose for yourself White Mandarin cosmetics with an extract of ivy, you will get a guaranteed excellent result and true pleasure!