Sprouted Grains of Wheat, Corn, Oats & Barley Extract
To revive the splendor of the beauty of youth — White Mandarin natural cosmetics with the extract of sprouted oats, wheat, barley and maize grain, can help you realize this dream. Why and how the tiny cereal grain is able to give you youthfulness? This is no easy task, but due to the effects on your skin and hair of a unique cocktail of active elements, which can be found only in the sprouted grains, your skin will gradually rejuvenate, getting healthy beauty. Sprouted wheat, rye, oats, corn, and barley are able to solve almost all of the problems associated with the skin and hair health and beauty. We know that human hair is composed of 18 amino acids, which is why amino acids are an essential ingredient in the composition of hair care products. Amino acids of vegetable origin nourish the hair and scalp, normalize the functioning of the hair roots. Isn`t it beautiful when your hair becomes more elastic, durable and thicker! The extract of sprouted grains can moisturize, soften and restore damaged hair and strengthen split ends due to its effect of filling the damaged areas of the hair shaft. In addition, it forms a protective film on the surface of the hair, gives the hair shine, elasticity and protects hair from the adverse effects. The protective film of the peptide from sprouted grains helps retain moisture, which gives hair extra softness. What about the skin? Proteins, contained in sprouted grains in large quantities, called vital building material. They are the most important nutrients for the skin, have moisturizing, regenerating, softening properties, and are involved in the production of collagen, which gives skin smoothness and elasticity. The sprouted cereal grains extract solves absolutely all the problems associated with the skin: normalizes oiliness or dryness, treats peeling, acne and blackheads, smooths wrinkles, eliminates fatigue, and transforms a dull complexion. And you will understand why — because it contains a complex of moisturizing ingredients, amino acids, and vitamins, including vitamins B, minerals, polysaccharides, plant hormones and phyto-ferments. Oat milk will help you whiten your skin, get rid of age spots, skin aging manifestations, soothe, make it even-colored and surprisingly smooth. The glycolipids and phospholipids contained in oat milk guaranteed to take care of the health of your skin. That is why oat milk used in White Mandarin natural anti-age cosmetics. It is worth mentioning, that it provides excellent protection from the sun's ultraviolet light, eliminating the effects of photoaging of the skin and making the sunburn nicer and smoother.