Chamomile Extract
Chamomile is sometimes called the smile of summer — it is impossible to imagine a picture of a summer idyll without these small white and yellow flowers! However, chamomile is not only good in bouquets of wildflowers or girls' wreaths, the healing properties of chamomile and its efficiency spectrum are simply amazing. Such simple in appearance, but so strong in the action — that's what can say about chamomile anyone who knew its effect. And it is not by chance that this wonderful herb has taken an active part in the creation of White Mandarin "Shampoo & Shower Gel». What includes this gorgeous effect? A strong bactericidal, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. The intensive skin moisturizing and nourishment. The elimination of dryness and flaking. Giving the hair and skin soft elasticity. The gentle effect, especially on sensitive and irritated skin. Powerful renewal of damaged hair. Excellent results in the care of problematic, dry and sensitive skin. These properties enhanced with the advantageous assistance of other natural ingredients made chamomile an essential ingredient of White Mandarin "Shampoo & Shower Gel»!