Rose Flower Extract
White Mandarin natural cosmetics with an extract of rose petals will very quickly revive your skin, effectively relieve fatigue and refresh the skin, toning and soothing it. These are the properties of cosmetic products with a natural extract of rose petals. Using White Mandarin cosmetics for the skin care, you will experience what a real improving the skin is, and will learn how quick and easy this process is when your cosmetic product contains only high-quality and safe Rose extract. Delightful features of this royal flower were noticed in ancient times when incurable skin ulcers and infected wounds treated with rose oil. Beauties could not leave this flower without attention, as it gave skin a wonderful aroma and velvety and elastic texture! Since ancient times it has been used for skin rejuvenation, eliminating of rosacea, toning, and moisturizing, evening out fine lines and lifting facial contours. Nowadays, when there are so many factors that are damaging for health and appearance White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a rose petals extract are vital to neutralize bad environment and stress effects, as well as to effectively treat existing skin problems. Using White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a rose petals extract, you will feel a surge of strength and freshness, which will be facilitated by the natural healing powers and fragrances of plants! Your skin will be rejuvenated and stunningly delight!
160 ml
187.0 грн