Sugar Cane Extract
By no means do confuse sugar cane extract with kitchen sugar you put in your tea! The extract of sugar cane is a mega healthy product for the skin and body as a whole, while the sugar is damaging to the body immunity, and is only used for the skin as a scrub and cleanser. The extract of sugar cane is a necessary and extremely important component of the White Mandarin natural cosmetics, which allows you to: Clean the skin of blackheads and comedones. Get a firm and taut skin due to the fact that the glycolic acid in sugar cane stimulates the production of collagen. Remind you how your skin looked when you were younger: sugar cane contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which perfectly remove the horny layer of the skin, rejuvenating skin and accelerating its renewal. Smooth out wrinkles. Fill your skin with moisture, due to the presence of alpha-hydroxy acids. Effectively narrow pores. Minimize the effects of acne. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with a high-quality extract of sugar cane will give you confidence with the perfect appearance of your skin because the skin will get everything that it needs to be young and beautiful!