Carob Tree Seed Extract
What is carob tree? If you happen to dislocate its thick, juicy pod, you will smell the real yeast, like from the bakery. And if you try it for taste, you will probably compare it to nice sweets. But apart from this, the fruit of the carob tree are also very wholesome. Carob tree seeds are rich in potassium, calcium, polysaccharides and vitamins of group B. Its polysaccharides have a surprisingly strong moisturizing effect. A really moisturized skin is less prone to wrinkles, so it can maintain a youthful appearance for a long time. If a rash appeared on your skin or your skin is sensitive and fickle, White Mandarin natural cosmetics with carob tree seeds extract will provide effective help in two vital areas: help to efficiently and effortlessly carry out lymphatic drainage (clean skin from toxins), and with will mild antiseptic effect to cleanse skin from acne. White Mandarin experts include carob tree seeds extract in the composition of our natural creams and serums. Treat your skin with this curative dessert and it gratefully responds to your care with its beautiful and healthy appearance!