Crocus Flower Extract
Just imagine yourself among the purple sea unspeakably beautiful crocus flowers, from which the most expensive spice in the world — saffron — is being made! In India, there is a legend that these flowers were planted by God descend from the mountain in Kashmir. Not everyone likes the taste of saffron, despite its tremendous usefulness, but without a doubt, everyone will love the wonderful benefits which saffron can give to the skin. Saffron is able to cope with the problem of the modern world — contamination of cells in our body with foreign substances due to bad environment, polluted water, and the use of modern detergents and cosmetics containing harmful synthetic ingredients. Saffron is effective in preventing skin cancer because of its ability to clean it deeply, and block the activity of carcinogens and mutagens. Useful properties of saffron used in cosmetics: Rejuvenating — stimulates metabolic processes in cells; saffron is useful especially for the care of delicate skin around the eyes. Toning — improves blood circulation, reduces swelling, and gives the skin a feeling of freshness and velvetiness. Moisturizing — deeply moisturizes epidermis, suitable for care of the very dry and dehydrated skin. Anti-inflammatory — saves from pustules caused by acne or bacteria. Whitening — active substances (vitamin K and crocin), which are contained in saffron, even out skin tone, eliminate redness and excessive pigmentation. Imagine the skin of your face is elastic, clean, smooth, toned and radiant! Such it will be with the use of White Mandarin natural cosmetics containing saffron.