Baikal Scullcap Root Extract
The extract of Baikal skullcap is a successful solution of the skin problems by an effective remedy given to us by nature. Baikal skullcap effect is so strong that it is able to quickly and reliably eliminate inflammation, skin rashes of various origins, irritation, eczema and other skin problems. This plant contains a unique set of substances (wogonin, baicalin, and baicalein), so it has a special power to combat the aging process and the formation of cancer cells in the skin tissues. With regular use of cosmetics with Baikal skullcap extracts, skin youth returns or prolongs skin problems disappears, allowing your skin to shine with the true beauty of health. Strong skullcap antioxidant properties were noticed in ancient times when this plant was used as a universal remedy for the treatment of many diseases and repeatedly confirmed by modern biologists. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with environmentally friendly extract of Baikal skullcap will help you get the skin of your dreams.