Sophora Fruit Extract
Probably, you often want your skin to be smooth and strong and without any appearance of acne, pimples or any other negative phenomena. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with ecologically-clean Sophora extract excellently improve the skin, activating all of its metabolic processes, strengthening skin blood vessels, preventing their fragility and making them healthy. Rutin, Sophora main active ingredient, contains in its flowers and leaves, well normalizes oily skin, helps it to be taught and keep its elasticity longer. The problem, sensitive, or, on the contrary, rough skin is in need of rutin and other components of sophora. Sophora solves the most complex cosmetic problems due to the incredibly strong curative effect. Sophora rutin helps skin cells remain viable longer and renew quickly, which is especially important for mature aging skin. Rutin also helps protect skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and thus slow down the processes of aging. As part of the White Mandarin natural cosmetics, Sophora effects are enhanced by other natural ingredients of a powerful anti-aging effect, which allows you to get the result that will surely please you.