Tomato Fruit Extract
Tomatoes in a salad are a delicious tradition, but the tomatoes in cosmetics are an especially promising novelty. That is most likely not a secret to you, that the tomatoes have a healing effect on the internal organs of the body. But did you know what can an ordinary tomato make for your beauty? Tomato extract contains a lot of lycopene, which gives this fruit red color and is one of the most powerful plant antioxidants. He participates in the development of collagen structures, restores skin cells from within, and improves cellular metabolism and tissue respiration. Lycopene also protects the skin from the traumatic effects of UV radiation, prevents the formation of age spots, and slows down the process of premature aging. Tomato extract in the composition of cosmetic products: Make your skin youthfully attractive, narrowing the pores and normalizing sebum secretion. Get rid of fine wrinkles and prevent the effects of photoaging. Give you a chance to enjoy the feeling of softness, smoothness, and tenderness of your skin. Help clean the skin by stimulating the processes of its renewal and production of new cells. Protect your delicate skin from harmful sun exposure. Do not be surprised if after the application of White Mandarin natural cosmetics with tomato extract you will constantly strive to the mirror once again to look at yourself. Why? Because such a miraculous transformation will continue to bring you smile!