Blue Cornflower Extract
Did you know that such simple-looking bright blue cornflowers can be very useful for your beauty? The blue cornflower extract is able to give the brightness and vividity to your eyes, it will also take care of your lashes, powerfully hydrating and stimulating the hair growth. Cornflower flowers extract is a very simple solution to the complex issue of how to find an effective natural cosmetic for removing makeup from the eyelids and eyelashes. In White Mandarin natural cosmetics cornflower extract assists lots of natural ingredients, significantly enhancing its action. What result will you get by using White Mandarin cosmetics, containing a certified, eco-friendly and safe extract of blue cornflower? Your eyes will get a good rest; cornflower relieves eye fatigue and swelling of the area around them. Eyelashes will receive valuable nutrition for a tremendous growth and thickness. All this will help you get the magnetic gaze of your beautiful, radiant eyes. White Mandarin cosmetics with cornflower extract can well remove even waterproof make-up products from the area around the eyes. In addition, they are able to smooth out fine wrinkles, narrow pores of the skin and normalize skin oiliness. And the owners of sensitive skin prone to irritations get the remedy which allows them to enjoy a sense of healthy skin with good local immunity.