Emulsifier based on Olive Oil
Can the unhealthy artificial emulsifier be replaced with natural and safe? We want to tell you about the existence of a natural, mild emulsifier derived from olive oil, which has been certified by Ecocert. This quality natural emulsifier we use in the manufacture of White Mandarin safe cosmetics. If you have used White Mandarin with an olive oil based emulsifier, you have certainly noticed that it has a strong soothing effect on the skin, restores injuries and increases its immunity. If you haven`t use these cosmetics yet, then give it a try — you will surely enjoy the result. Advantages of the emulsifier are based on its natural origin, chemical compatibility with the skin, the ability to create liquid crystal emulsions. Liquid crystals mimic the structure of the intercellular matrix of the skin lipids, alternating molecules of fat and water, due to this they are completely absorbed by the lipid barrier of the skin, strengthening it.